How to install and setup cvs

This setup is only basic manual.I created it after successfully install and setup cvs.The different step that I faced while reading references thru internet makes me create new manual so I will not forget in the future.I am happy if you feel it's useful.

Software requirement

  1. Installation step
    Install CVS and WinCVSa) Install cvsnt- and WinCVS

    (Sometimes it's already bundled with Wincvs,if not just install it separately)

    b) Go to Control Panel,click twice on CVSNT Server

    c)Choose Repository Configuration, click Add

    d)Then choose location,make new folder if you do not have it yet.For example my Location is F:/Repositories/MyRepo.

    At Name I put as /MyRepo to make people outside see it just as /MyRepo not F:/Repositories/MyRepo.Then click OK,usually it will prompt you "F:/Repositories/MyRepo,but is not a valid CVS repository.Do you want to initialise it?" Just click Yes.

    e)Go to About tab, and start the service.

    Install python 2.5
    a)The installation is straightforward but make sure you install it for all user.

    b)In customization make sure the Tcl/Tk features available.
    c)Just next next until you complete the installation

    Install pywin32 (Optional)
    Just follow the step straightforward

    Install WinMerge
    Just follow the step straightforward
  2. Configuration of WinCVS
    a)Browse folder for example mine is F:\Projects

    b)Go to Admin menu,select Preferences,click on CVS tab.

    At Home, just choose folder that you like.Home directory is where CVS and WinCVS will look for local,user –specific configuration.
    Then check on Alternate CVS executable,browse where cvs.exe

    c)Click on WinCvs tab.
    Check on External diff:,browse where location that you install WinMerge.

    At Python DLL, put python25.dll.If you install Python 2.4 just put it as python24.dll.Same goes with other versions.

    After that, click on Command Dialogs, and in Skip Dialogs, check on Graph.

  3. Import module
    Actually I tried it several time ,after facing failure several times then it's success.So maybe my steps is quite odd but my objective here to make sure that Eclipse can checkout the project from CVS server.If you not developing project using Eclipse maybe you can just follow the tutorial link that I refered.
    a)Right-click on MyProject,Import Filter will pop-up ,just click OK.But in case if you to filter the file just click Edit and edit whatever you want.

    b)Then Import Setting like figure below will pop-up.Repository path is the location where our project is stored in the repository.
    If you not importing third party source,check on Don't create vendor branch or release tags.

    Then we will set up the CVSROOT connection string.

    c)I choose pserver protocol.At Repository Path I just type : Administrator:cunid@localhost:/MyRepo

    The format is username:password@hostname/repositoryname

    Username is the computer username,password is your computer password,hostname is the name of your computer.You can refer the scrip at links that I provided.

    I am not quite sure what the hell proxy is all about.But you can try and tell me.Thanks in advance.

    d)Then click on Import option tab,check on Create CVS directories while importing. Then OK. ***** CVS exited normally with code 0 ***** means that you code is correct else there's something wrong.Ok,the configuration is complete.Then you can search other command at Internet.
  4. To add user
    cvs passwd -r Administrator -a syikin

  5. Connection string
    p/s:Please email me if you want manual with picture,I am quite lazy to upload those pictures.I'll send to you if you email me.

    Useful links that I refered


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