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Clone User in Salesforce

I need to create sample of users to test one of the application.It is TEDIOUS to do data entry one by one.If two still okay for me, if five ...ten...better I start  Googling. Heh...although I know the Clone feature is exist in Salesforce but I just found out that for User there is no Clone feature directly.There work around to Clone it.Someone posted an idea for Clone User, please vote it if you feel it is useful for you.I voted it already =) Vote  idea for Clone Users : Once you vote it, don't forget to read the comments.You'll be surprise a lot of suggestion of workarounds there.The entry that I wrote today was my experiment based on the workaround suggested. In order to make Clone User feature , just follow the step below: 1 - Go to Setup --> App Setup --> Customize --> Users. Add Custom Links as below. Label : Clone User Behavior : Display in existing window with sidebar Button or Link