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Deploy salesforce component using ANT

*damnn... I missed one html tag , it prompt error then I click undo all my entries gone.blogger autosave seem not working.i have no luck.this is my third time entry* Why you need this? Imagine that you want to move many new component that not yet exist in the other sandbox.Instead of creating component one by one ,it is better to use ANT.But if the component is already exist in the target sandbox,it is advisable to have backup.Because you might overwrite other people code in target sandbox. Steps:(green color only apply for one time) 1. Install JAVA 2. Install ANT 3. Setup environment variables (PATH etc) 4. Download Migration Tool by go to Setup -> Develop ->Tools 5. Unzip the downloaded folder.Inside the folder contains directory/file such as: sample  > codepkg,mypkg,removecodepkg,unpackaged,,build.xml. ant-salesforce.jar Readme.html 6. Copy the component that you want to deploy into codepkg folder. 7. Open sample folder and

Salesforce Recycle Bin

No shortcut to find Recycle Bin. Replace highlighted  instance with your instance. https:// my_instance /search/UndeletePage *Deleted objects also can be found in Setup -->Create -->Objects.Scroll to the bottom of the page.