Data Modelling :Understanding Standard and Custom Object

Note: All credit goes to Salesforce, I am just a developer who enjoy playing trailhead and try to make note to myself.
In relational database such Oracle,MySql we use table to store data but in Salesforce we use object.Here the summary of term that use in relational database and the term that we use in Salesforce.

Relational Database Salesforce
Table Object
Column Field
Row Record

Standard Object - objects included by Salesforce by default such as Account,Opportunity,Leads.
Custom Object-object that created by user/developer to support the need of organization.

Fields and Relationships

Identitiy - ID
automatically assigned by 15 case sensitive characters.It is unique.

System Fields
Default read only field created by upon object created such as CreatedDate,CreatedBy,LastModifiedDate etc.

Name field
required but not unique, depend on how we want to identify the record.

Custom Fields
Created by user .Support type such as autonumber,picklist,text,geolocation etc.

Look up (link to other object) and Master Detail(parent child relationship)

Table is generated using Table Generator.
Source:Understanding Standard and Custom Object


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