Data Management : Importing and Exporting Data

Note: All credit goes to Salesforce, I am just a developer who enjoy playing trailhead and try to make note to myself.

Importing Data

Two methods of importing data : 
When to use Data Import wizard :

  1. Need to load less than 50000 records
  2. The objects that need to be imported is supported by wizard
  3. No need automation process
When to use Data Loader :
  1. Need to load 50000 to 5 Million records.
  2. The object is not supported by Data Import Wizard
  3. Want to schedule regular data loads

Data Import
Useful tips for cleaning data using Excel

Salesforce Trailhead link : Importing Data

Exporting Data

Two methods of exporting data
  1. Data export wizard - accessible through the Setup menu. It allows you to export data manually once every six days (for weekly export) or 28 days (for monthly export). You can also export data automatically, at weekly or monthly intervals.
  2. Data Loader -this is a client application that you must install separately. It can be operated either through the user interface or the command line. The latter option is useful if you want to automate the export process, or use APIs to integrate with another system.
Salesforce Trailhead link : Exporting  Data


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