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User is already a Member of this group.

When we deactivate the user who is member of Chatter group, the user will be invisible from the Chatter Group.We not able to find the user using this query : SELECT Id, CollaborationGroupId, MemberId FROM CollaborationGroupMember WHERE CollaborationGroupId = : groupId Also the user is not inside Chatter Group --Members . But when we activate the user, automatically it will be appear in Chatter Group. All of this is handled by Salesforce. Please note this when we plan to add user into the Group automatically because we may bump into exception below :  User is already a Member of this group.  So we need to verify if the user is a member of the group before adding it.

Finding Distinct in Report using Formula

I never thought this can be done using formula, but yes.Please refer to here . Scenario : We want to see total how many Account that has Opportunities. Create one formula field in Account object with return type Number and 0 Decimal place.Place 1 at Formula field. Example of the report below, we want to know how many Account that has Opportunity. So we click Customize Report, Click on Unique Account -> Choose Summarize this Report ,select Sum and Apply. Total of Account is 8.

Processes Can Execute Actions on More Than One Criteria but...

Previously before Summer '16 we are not able to evaluate the next criteria if first criteria is correct.So once the process fall into true condition , implement the action and that's it.It will stop. In Summer'16 : Processes Can Execute Actions on More Than One Criteria  , we able to evaluate next criteria once the process builder process the conditon for current criteria.(ugh ...not sure I am explaining well). It is something like this : Previously it works something like this.Notice that if condition1 is fulfilled , it will never go to else condition. if ( condition1 = t = rue ){ //logic } else if ( condition2 == true ){ //logic } Now , we can proceed with next criteria can be like this : if ( condition1 == true ){ //logic } if ( condition2 == true ){ //logic } In order for it to evaluate the next criteria, just click on the STOP and it will give the screen shot like below. REMEMBER ,THIS FEATURE DOES NOT W