Search Solution Basics

When is it a good time to create a customized search solution?

  • You're developing an external knowledge base for user support.
  • You're in the mood for a fun Friday night.
  • The sales reps just started using the Sales Cloud in Lightning Experience.
  • You want to put your company branding in the search bar.

What differentiates SOSL from SOQL?

  • Syntax
  • SOSL searches the search index instead of the org database.
  • SOSL searches more efficiently when you don't know in which object the data resides.
  • All of the above.

SOSL works with:

  • REST only
  • SOAP only
  • REST, SOAP, and Apex
  • SOQL only

What does a search for a single object look like in SOSL?

  • FIND {cloud} RETURNING Account
  • FIND "cloud" in ACCOUNT
  • FIND (cloud) RIGHT NOW!

What does a search for multiple objects look like in SOSL?

  • FIND {sneakers} in ALL OBJECTS
  • FIND {sneakers} RETURNING Product2, ContentVersion, FeedItem
  • FIND {sneakers} RETURNING Account

How does a custom object search differ from other queries?

  • The name is in all caps.
  • It includes __c at the end of the object name.
  • In the query, you specify that an object is custom.
  • You surround the custom object name in quotes.

How do you create efficient text searches?

  • Limit what you're searching through and limit the number of results.
  • Shorten the search string.
  • Use SOSL and REST.
  • Only search the name field of records.

Which REST resource adds auto-suggest functionality.

  • Auto Suggested Records
  • Search Suggested Article Title Matches
  • RETURNING FieldSpec
  • search()

What can admins do to influence the search results ranking?

  • Host webinars for users on best search practices.
  • Rename records.
  • Set up synonym groups and promoted search terms.
  • Nothing. You're all alone in your quest to improve search solutions.


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