Spring ‘17 Platform Developer I Release Exam

I just passed my first Maintenance Exam.Actually, I doubt to take it today but as I went through the Release Note, I just asking myself... why not just take it now.I could not hold the stress anymore, it should been thrown somewhere.Luckily it was not hard as I thought.As long you reviewing the release note, you should be okay.=)

Here some questions that I remember to capture.I have the answer but I won't display here =).You can try to answer it in Comment below.

Question 1 : Which three types of content can shortcut be created for using Favorites.Choose 3 answers.
B.Chatter Groups
C.Global Actions
D.Record  home pages
E.Custom tabs

Question 2:Which two options are available to display detailed information about the status of an Apex Job?Choose two answers.
A.Submitted Date
B.Heap Size
C.Submitted by user
D.Elapsed time

Question 3:Which feature enables creating,updating and deleting records in other Salesforce org?
A.Database.WriteableObject interface
B.Apex Trigger for Writeable External Objects
C.Lightning to Lightning Connector
D.Salesforce Connect Cross-Org Adapter

Question 4:Which three actions can be taken from the Global Actions Menu?Choose 3 answers.
A.Launch a custom Visual force page
B.Launch a custom Lightning Component
C.Post to a Chatter Feed
D.Execute Anonymous blocks of Apex code
E.Launch a custom Canvas App

Question 5:Which component type will display the details of the parent Account from a custom Lightning record page for the Contact object?
A.Parent object component
B.Filter list component
C.Hierarchy component
D.Related Record component

Question 6:Custom Lightning Record Pages can be assigned to which three items?Choose 3 answers.
A.Public Group
D.Record Types

Question 7:A Platform Developer wants to reference an image included in the Salesforce Lightning Design System from a Visualforce page.
Which two references should be included in the page markup?Choose 2 answers.


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