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My journey on converting Attachment to Files in Salesforce

Everyone know that soon Salesforce will remove related list of Attachment & Note in Page Layout( implementation expected in Winter'18 ). This is indicate that we should start using Salesforce Files that have better features especially for sharing. I started researching on this exercise somewhere in 2016 and I feel very grateful that I found a very good tool developed by Douglas C. Ayers.I have been testing the tool  in my organization and thanks to him because this app helps a lot of organization šŸ˜ƒ. I am writing here to share experience. I am happy to inform that we completed our conversion successfully.These are few steps that perhaps you find it useful.Bear in mind that this approach may not suitable for you.Please do some research before implementing it. Refresh UAT with the latest Production data , install the app and run a lot of testing till you gain confidence.We hit the  Content Publication Limits Exceeded which is annoying because we know our total Attachment is