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Paused and Waiting Interviews : Salesforce warns about inactive user

We receive an email from Salesforce saying Every waiting flow interview has an associated user — the person who caused the interview to start waiting. If that user is inactive, the interviews can't resume.John Doe (005xxxxxxxxxxxx) is inactive, so please delete the following flow interviews. Without thinking too much I went straight away to the Process Builder to check if it uses hardcode Id referring to the inactive user and I found none. The process builder is fine. The email was sent is to inform us that there some process builder on the waiting list and not able to get fired because it was created by an inactive user. The user left the company for quite some time, how is possible for him to fire the process builder? What is Paused and Waiting Interview?  Paused and Waiting interview only applies on schedule action process builder or time-dependent action. You can check Paused and Waiting Interview at  Setup | Create | Workflows & Approvals | Flows and

Showing and hiding the tab in Salesforce Lightning Design System in Visualforce page using basic javascript

I am not yet familiar with Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) however I need to start it somewhere.There some requirement come in and it does not have specification on what the UI look likes so I thought why not give SLDS a try. Before SLDS comes into picture, I experienced using Bootstrap and JQuery. It's simple and easy to use however because it is external javascript library it need to have extra precautions.Sometimes we got issue when the css is conflict. Still after SLDS , developer need to code javascript in order to enhance user experience for example changing the tab, make the inactive button visible after click as SLDS does not have code for that.It only provide you the CSS how active and disable button looks like.I notice in some demo they use React JS or JQuery. I love it because it's neat and elegant but I found it hard to customize the theme if our organization has different color scheme from Salesforce. It can be customized using Design Token using S