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Process Builder is not fired when field update is called from Approval Process

Scenario In Final Approvals section ; in Approval Process we have field update to update Status field. In Process Builder , we have some action that need to be done when Status field is updated in Approval Process.However this process builder is not fired. Solution To handle this, in Field Update in Approval Process , check Re-evaluated Workflow Rules after Field Change as picture below. What happen if field updated from Approval Process. Workflow - does not fires untill Re-evaluate workflow checkbox is ticked on your field update Process Builder - does not fires untill Re-evaluate workflow checkbox is ticked on your field update Trigger - will fire if conditions are matched This is explained in article here  . Field Updates That Re-evaluate Workflow Rules If  Re-evaluate Workflow Rules After Field Change  is enabled for a field update action, Salesforce  re-evaluates all workflow rules on the object if the field update results in a change to the value of the fi

What happen on Content Document Link if we upload Salesforce Files from record?

This entry specifically to know more about ContentDocumentLink which are not represented in diagram below.I happen to know more about this object after I experimenting on content's trigger(in future post). To understand how the content relationship works please refer to diagram below .  content objects diagram version 44. refer to  Salesforce  for latest diagram The highlight of this article is to identify ContentDocumentLink object that not appear in the diagram above. ContentDocumentLink is Represents the link between a Salesforce CRM Content document or Salesforce file and where it's shared. Field Label API Field Name Type Length Precision Scale ContentDocumentLink ID Id id 15 Document ContentDocumentId reference 15 Is Deleted IsDeleted boolean Linked Entity LinkedEntityId reference 15 Share Type ShareType picklist 40 System Modstamp SystemModstamp datetime Visibility Visibility picklist 40 Experiment : Upload a file from Opportunity record.Once u