Monday, April 27, 2020

Working on Process Builder and Flow with Effiency

It's long therefore I split it to different module that you can click instead of scroll,

Problem statement

I was working on requirement which involving on after trigger update and suddenly have to stop when I hit governer limit in Process Builder that not related to the current changes.

Too many SOQL queries: 101

Usually when I got this type of error I will worry and start looking into my code which is not wrong approach at all. However it is good to start with the Process Builder that hinting the exception although the changes that we are working on seem like not relevant. Actually it is relevant when it involves process builder , flow , trigger and workflow (everything that involve DML)

Let say that is current data model , please ignore the sense of object name,field name as I just renamed it from actual name. Pay attention on the relationship.
  • Product Proposal is a parent object of Proposal Review. It holds Region and Country.
  • Audit Question is lookup field in Proposal Review
  • Process Builder is fired whenever Proposal Review is created to populate correct field for Email Note and Reviewer Email.
  • However for region related question, the notification email need to be sent to Sales Ops that in charge on specific Region or even narrow down to the Country level.

The current implementation is :

Process Builder

Fires autolauched flow without any specific criteria and it passes several info to flow such as :
  • VarReviewerId = Proposal_Review__c.Id
  • VarQuestionId = Proposal_Review__c.Audit_Question__r.Id
  • VarUserId = Formula field to pass specific user Id based on Region and Country

CASE( TEXT(Proposal_Review__c.Product_Proposal__c.Region) ,
"UK", "0054xxxxxxxxxxk",
"USA", "0051xxxxxxxxxxt",
IF(TEXT(Proposal_Review__c. Product_Proposal__c.Country) = "Australia", "005xxxxxxxxxxxt", "05xxxxxxxxxxxf"),

Autolaunched Flow
  1. Get Records : Retrieve Audit Question using varAuditId to get 
    •  Email Note
    • Reviewer Email
    • Question Code
  2. Decision :
    • Check if the Question Code is AUD-009 (Region Question)
  3. If Question Code AUD-009 , get Record from User by passing varUserId to get
    • User Email
    • Then update Proposal Review with values with
      •  Reviewer Email with User Email 
      • Email Note that retrieved from Step 1
  4. If other Question Code : Update Proposal Review with values that retrieved from Step 1.
    • Reviewer Email with default email
    • Email Note

As you can see many redundancy in this flow. The flow achieved the requirement however it can be done be better. 

What can be improved from this current implementation
  • Some of the action in the Flow can be moved to Process Builder because the logic is to update Proposal Review that initiate the Process Builder.
  • Remove query in Flow to retrieve Audit Question as it can be retrieved in Process Builder.

Process Builder


Thursday, April 23, 2020

Add event in LWC and Listen in Visualforce page

While reading this, you might have an idea how it should works and why ? In order to make it easy, I narrow down problem statement so I can write simple, short solution for future reference. All comments, ideas except spams are welcome.

Problem Statement

  • Now how do I redirect page ?


Adding create event in LWC and add the listener to visualforce page

Technical Implementation

In LWC javascript , create event on function that handles redirection. For example maybe you want user to go to different page when the button is clicked.

 //function to redirect to opportunity detail
        this.showLoadingSpinner = false;
  //create new Event with any meaningful name, in my case 'redirectFromLWC'
        this.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('redirectFromLWC', 
               detail: { recordId: this.opportunityId,recordMode:"detail"},
               bubbles: true,
               composed: false,


In Aura app, ensure you define EVENT

<aura:application access="GLOBAL" extends="ltng:outApp" >
 <aura:dependency resource="myCustom_lwc"/>
 <aura:dependency resource="markup://force:*" type="EVENT"/>

In Visualforce page, add the listener to listen to the event. Ensure the event name is matched.

document.addEventListener("redirectFromLWC", function(event){
           console.log('vf event data window listener => ', event.detail);
    //here is just code to get the details that passed from the event
           var detail =JSON.stringify(event.detail);
           console.log('data => '+detail);
           var data =JSON.parse(detail);
           console.log('data.recordId => '+data.recordId);
           var recordId =data.recordId;
           var recordMode =data.recordMode;
          //here the code is to handle navigation, as you can see I have to condition one in go to details
    // and another is go to edit.
                console.log('data.recordId 1=> '+ '{!oppId}');
  , recordMode); 
         else if(recordMode=='edit'){

//other code