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How to install and setup cvs

This setup is only basic manual.I created it after successfully install and setup cvs.The different step that I faced while reading references thru internet makes me create new manual so I will not forget in the future.I am happy if you feel it's useful. Software requirement -cvsnt- -WinCvs2_0_2-4 -python 2.5 -pywin32-210.win32-py2.5 -WinMerge-2.6.4-Setup Installation step Install CVS and WinCVS a) Install cvsnt- and WinCVS (Sometimes it's already bundled with Wincvs,if not just install it separately) b) Go to Control Panel,click twice on CVSNT Server c)Choose Repository Configuration, click Add d)Then choose location,make new folder if you do not have it yet.For example my Location is F:/Repositories/MyRepo. At Name I put as /MyRepo to make people outside see it just as /MyRepo not F:/Repositories/M