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How to setup JBOSS?

1.Download JBOSS Application Server Installer, mine is version 4.0.5 , 2.Just install it . 3.Open MyEclipse,mine is 5.1.0 go to Window >Preferences>MYEclipse>Application Servers 4.Choose JBoss 4,setup JBoss server to Enable 5. Make sure that it read the right JRE.Like my latest JRE is inside folder Java 6.Then start JBoss,it should be OK.But if you get an error something like this …"JVM address in used" that 's mean the default port of JBoss which is 8080 is used by other program. If you feel wasting your time to figure out which program is it, you just need to change port for JBoss.Use other port instead of 8080. To change the port is, 7.Go to F:\jboss\server\default\deploy\jbossweb-tomcat55.sar ,where you install your JBpss.Open server.xml,change 8080 to any other number that you prefer.For example I changed it to 8081 8.Start your JBoss again, and you can see that your JBoss start happily e