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Repeatitive process in Servlet

Hishashiburi neh. It’s been a long time before I post this solution.Actually I got a lot of problems and solutions but I didn’t have time to post it in my blog.So unlucky! But right now I just steal some time to update and post this entry right after I got the solution. It’s been three days I faced this problem. It’s challenge my ability as programmer because as normal programmer, we will feel strong if our code works, is not, I feel that I am not good programmer at all,I should never be born as a programmer. Problem: My servlet is keep repeating implement some code once you submit form from jsp page.I think it should not repeat if we don’t want to. Example public class PlacementServlet extends HttpServlet { protected void processRequest ( HttpServletRequest request , HttpServletResponse response ) throws ServletException , IOException { try { String mode = request . getParameter ( "mode" ); System . out . println ( "MODE ----------------------

Check whether port is available or not

1- Open command prompt 2- Type : telnet ipaddress port 3- Enter