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Salesforce Actionstatus with JQuery Dialog box

I have a page which contains apex:component, custom (dynamic) tab in apex:page.The design is like this,each tab represent the category and each category have 3 text area.The tab is created in page level while the text areas is inside component level.Once the user navigate into different tab, the component will re render the text area for the related category. The user reported that whenever they update the textarea and quickly move to the different textarea or navigate into other tab, the data won't update correctly.I am thinking maybe because I use  actionSupport for every text area that calling the same method in Apex Controller which will update all the three text areas together. The quick workaround that I can think is to disable user to move or enter  new data before system complete processing the previous data.So I need to have something like indicator or progress bar like the one that I used to see in other applications.I need to use ActionStatus but it will be cooler