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Invalid_session_id when try to create project using Eclipse.

I am not sure why since yesterday I could not create project using IDE.This is my first time error and I have been creating a lot of project using this IDE before. So I google and see this interesting issue here . It mentioned that we should go to Setup --> Security Control --> Session Setting and make sure 'Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated' is UNCHECK. Interesting, I checked the Session Setting unfortunately it already in unchecked mode.Pondering here and there and at last I restart my machine.FYI, my machine is in hibernate mode for few days.I am lazy to shutting it down, so I just set it to hibernate. Magically- after restart and create the project again , the issue won't come anymore.Is it something to do with restarting the machine?I still wondering what the scientific reason behind this but it works. So in case, you face this type of issue-you can try to restart your machine and PRAY.  See ya again.