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Reading JSON file in GitHub from JSFiddle

I am experimenting with HighChart, digging out the code.I create sample JSON  resided in GitHub.Then in JSFiddle, I use Raw url to read JSON file,but it does not work and prompt me this error. Uncaught SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin "xxxx" from accessing a frame with origin "". Protocols, domains, and ports must match. Then I googling and found out that we can paste Github URL at  ,so it will generate url that accessible.

Help Text oh Help Text

I am quite piss off for few day.I have standard page layout that already fulfill the requirement except : I want explanation in the form that also hyperlink point to  complete guideline URL on certain field.  This is pieces of cake but I could not find it doable in Salesforce.I just need to put some instruction something like bleh bleh bleh please click here. But it is not supported in Salesforce,even static text also not doable in Pagelayout. So I have to go for customize instead of using standard just because of one field requirement. Try to put hyperlink either using a href or hyperlink() == FAIL Please vote the idea here: Help Text with hyperlink Also it is good if we can have static text embedded in Page Layout :  Allow Text Labels within Section columns on page layouts Because of this lackness, there appexchange developed just to support this Improved Help  , which I am not sure what is it doing.Maybe will explore later.