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Removing RecordType from Profile using Metadata

I thought that this is going to be my worst experiment ever!!I should not done this especially when I have other important task to do. I tried to figure out how to embed inline visualforce in Page Layout for Standard Edit, so I creating RecordType and hope it will help.But it won't;there seem no choice to embed inline visualforce based on the Answer here . Anyway,back to accident RecordType.I am not able to delete it because it prompt me to deactivate it first.Again when I tried to deactivate it,it prompt error because it said it being used by these profiles. This record type Common Component cannot be deactivated because the following profiles use this record type as default . These profiles are more that 200(Actually to be exact 243).How I am going to navigate each profiles through browser and change the setting--it's going to take me forever. *just normal office chat* After few tries,it works.Nah,here the metadata that I append in my package.xml .So as you ca