Salesforce Platform Basic: Developing an AppExchange Strategy

Note: All credit goes to Salesforce, I am just a developer who enjoy playing trailhead and try to make note to myself.

AppExchange Strategy is best practice before planning to install an apps.

Steps to apply the strategy:

  1. Identify the departments using Salesforce (either now or in the future). These are your primary stakeholders for AppExchange app installations.
  2. Research AppExchange apps for the business cases provided by your stakeholders. Interview your stakeholders thoroughly to gather the requirements needed to select and evaluate the apps. Some good questions to ask include:
    • What business problem are you trying to solve?
    • What are your main pain points at present?
    • How many users?
    • What is your budget?
    • What is your timeline?
  3. Download apps into a sandbox or Developer Edition org for preview and testing. An important step is to ensure that the app you’re installing doesn’t interfere with any customizations you’ve done or other apps you’ve already installed. This is also a good time to ensure you don’t already have an app installed that provides the same functionality.
  4. Evaluate your choices. Consider budget, app functionality, and any feature gaps. Consider inviting your stakeholders into the sandbox or Developer Edition org to preview the app functionality, or invite your stakeholders to a demo of the app.Might want to use Kepner Tregoe Method for decision making.
  5. Execute and document. Prepare your users for the change in user experience (if any), including providing training or documentation as needed.

Source:Developing an AppExchange Strategy


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