Salesforce Platform Basic: Understand the Salesforce Architecture

Note: All credit goes to Salesforce, I am just a developer who enjoy playing trailhead and try to make note to myself.

Architecture Basic

Trusted Multitenant Cloud

  • Able to deliver Software as Services
  • Seamless upgrade 3 times a year
A multitenancy analogy.

Scalable,Metadata platform 

  • Meta data is data about data.
  • Metadata driven architecture means everything schema,code,configuration are specified in metadata.

Fast App development and customization

Because it use metadata,so it is quicker.
Vastly reduce app development time.

Largest Enterprise Ecosystem.

Complete CRM

  • Support sales,service,analytics,marketing,community and apps needs.

API(Application Programming Interface)

  • A contract between two pieces of software, allowing them to connect to each other and exchange information
  • Provided with powerful API.


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