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Automatically adding user into Chatter group using Process Builder

I am looking for solution to automatically add user to Chatter group and found this interesting solution using Flow Trigger and Workflow rule.However I am not able to implement it because Flow Trigger is pilot feature not GA feature.If I really want it, I can just call Salesforce Support to enable it but I m kinda of lazy. But I just tweak this solution by using Process Builder.I think the solution is available out there but let me just update mine. Please vote for this idea : Automatically add individuals to Chatter Group upon provisioning new user If you are enabling namespace you might face this issue :  Workflow Action Failed to Trigger Flow when triggering Flow created after enabling a namespace  , and this solution might not work for you. Step 1 : Create a Chatter Group Step 2: Create custom field datatype checkbox in User object. This is depending on how you want to implement logic to add user.In my case, if this               checkbox is false it will add user to th