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Global Picklist: Some consideration before use

Global picklist is launched at Summer 16 . It still in beta so there are known issues . Known Limitations for Beta The list of inherited values doesn’t appear directly on the detail page for a picklist that’s based on a global picklist; but you can click a link to view the picklist value set. For custom picklist fields based on a global picklist, you can change from a single-select to multi-select picklist, and from a multi-select to single-select picklist. However, you can’t change the picklist to a different field type such as checkbox, currency, or text.  I found some issue when trying to use it. 1 - Once you create custom picklist with Global Picklist value, there is no way to revert it as local picklist.We have to delete that custom picklist. 2 -If we decided to delete that Global Picklist and that Global picklist is used by custom field, there is no way to delete it.I tried to delete that custom field first and delete the Global Picklist, it still prompt me that if we

Salesforce Developer Platform 1 Exam Question

Some of questions that may help you to study.It may not exactly same,but at least it gives an idea how the question look like. Question 1: Which two valid ways of loading external java script ? A- <apex:includescript> B-<apex:define> C-<script> D-<link> Question 2: A developer with 100 accounts execute following code in developer console. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Account myAccount1 = new Account ( Name = ' My Account 1 ' ); insert myAccount1 ; for ( Integer i = 0 ; i < 150 ; i ++){ Account newAccount = Account ( Name = ' newAccount ' + x ); try { insert newAccount ; } Catch ( Exception e ){ System . debug ( ' Exception happened ' ); } } Insert new Account ( Name = ' My Last Account ' ); How many account in the organization after the code run? A- 100 B-101 C-102 D-252 Question 3:A developer using Helper class to generate Account list as below. 1 List < Account >

How I pass Salesforce Developer Platform 1 Exam

I passed my Salesforce Developer Platform 1 exam on 30 Dec 2016.This  was my second attempt.I am glad at last , I got it over with a happy ending. I am working in Salesforce since 2011 and I got to know Salesforce with self learning.Salesforce workbook, documentation , Salesforce StackExchange and mr. Google are really helpful. I fail at first try due to lack of preparation.Believe me, years of experience is not a ticket to pass.So I was really working hard on the second try.Here are my tips : #1 Time I took few months to sit for the second exam after my first attempt.It give me time to study. #2 The guideline Please take the Exam Guide seriously.I ticked the topic to indicate how many times I study the topic.I am lucky because I found the reference  here  , it explained the details on which topic that we should study. #3 Making note I made note on the topic that I studied and put it on the wall.Near my desk, near my bed,at door and mirror.Just to make sure I get to use