Global Picklist: Some consideration before use

Global picklist is launched at Summer 16. It still in beta so there are known issues .
Known Limitations for Beta
  • The list of inherited values doesn’t appear directly on the detail page for a picklist that’s based on a global picklist; but you can click a link to view the picklist value set.
  • For custom picklist fields based on a global picklist, you can change from a single-select to multi-select picklist, and from a multi-select to single-select picklist. However, you can’t change the picklist to a different field type such as checkbox, currency, or text.

 I found some issue when trying to use it.

1 - Once you create custom picklist with Global Picklist value, there is no way to revert it as local picklist.We have to delete that custom picklist.

2 -If we decided to delete that Global Picklist and that Global picklist is used by custom field, there is no way to delete it.I tried to delete that custom field first and delete the Global Picklist, it still prompt me that if we have existing picklist.So I tried to deactivate -- but still we need to leave one value active.So I tried dare method: delete the custom object that contains custom picklist that use Global Picklist.IT STILL DOES NOT WORK.Based logic,if custom picklist is deleted, should it remove from the usage?

The section will bring you to deleted custom field.

3 -If we have existing custom picklist, we not able to convert it into Global Picklist.Pleave vote here .

Please let me know what do you think about picklist.Have you encounter the above issue, how you solve it.


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