How I pass Salesforce Developer Platform 1 Exam

I passed my Salesforce Developer Platform 1 exam on 30 Dec 2016.This  was my second attempt.I am glad at last , I got it over with a happy ending.

I am working in Salesforce since 2011 and I got to know Salesforce with self learning.Salesforce workbook, documentation ,Salesforce StackExchange and mr. Google are really helpful.

I fail at first try due to lack of preparation.Believe me, years of experience is not a ticket to pass.So I was really working hard on the second try.Here are my tips :

#1 Time
I took few months to sit for the second exam after my first attempt.It give me time to study.

#2 The guideline
Please take the Exam Guide seriously.I ticked the topic to indicate how many times I study the topic.I am lucky because I found the reference here , it explained the details on which topic that we should study.

#3 Making note
I made note on the topic that I studied and put it on the wall.Near my desk, near my bed,at door and mirror.Just to make sure I get to use with it everyday.

#4 Mock up Question
Well, I am referring quite a lot on mock up question.I will study the topic that asked by the question.For example if the question asking on Roll Up Summary , I will study the topic on Relationship in Salesforce.Memorize the the answer is not good.But reading the question/answer and  study the pattern is good.Honestly I feel the question is tricky.Sometimes I need to keep reading it to understand.

That's my tips.I will post some of questions that I remember and hopefully it will help your study.

Happy New Year.


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