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Customize Salesforce Lookup with Visualforce

This code is inspired from ROLL YOUR OWN SALESFORCE "LOOKUP" POPUP WINDOW  . I did a little bit customization and save it here for reference purpose. The scenario, I have Account Plan for every Account  and this Account Plan will have many Roles.It 's similar to Opportunity and Opportunity Contact Role relationship.In this case we want to filter Role to only retrieve the Contact from the related Account.Role has master detail relationship with Account Plan. I have tried Lookup filter but it does not work.Also I want to customize layout in the lookup page.I got the code from Jeff Douglas's blog and remove the tab.In the code example, it only referring to one input value but I got multiple input value that generated by apex:repeat like below. When user click on the icon, it will bring them to this page .Please note that I added Job Title, Department and also it will limit the search Contact on to related Account. Here is the file structure : Your e

Chatter Basic : Developing a Rollout Strategy

What are some best practices to promote a successful Chatter rollout and ongoing success? Use cases that describe the business needs. Executive sponsorship. Videos and user guidelines. Pre-launch communication plan. All of the above. What is NOT a step you should take to prepare for a profile-based rollout of Chatter? Contact Salesforce to have the feature enabled. Create a Chatter sharing rule. Review all profiles and permission sets. Determine which users need access. When is the best time to turn on Chatter? First thing Monday morning, to get people’s attention. On the last sales day of the month, when it’s needed most. After hours, to minimize disruption. During the holidays, when no one is around. It’s a good idea to meet with key business stakeholders to plan your Chatter rollout because: They can help you identify high priority use cases, and their support is important. They know the best way to administer Salesforce. They need a list of

Search Solution Basics

When is it a good time to create a customized search solution? You're developing an external knowledge base for user support. You're in the mood for a fun Friday night. The sales reps just started using the Sales Cloud in Lightning Experience. You want to put your company branding in the search bar. What differentiates SOSL from SOQL? Syntax SOSL searches the search index instead of the org database. SOSL searches more efficiently when you don't know in which object the data resides. All of the above. SOSL works with: REST only SOAP only REST, SOAP, and Apex SOQL only What does a search for a single object look like in SOSL? FIND {cloud} RETURNING Account FIND in ACCOUNT RETURNING "cloud" FIND "cloud" in ACCOUNT FIND (cloud) RIGHT NOW! What does a search for multiple objects look like in SOSL? FIND {sneakers} RETURNING ALL ARTICLES FIND {sneakers} in ALL OBJECTS FIND {sneakers} RETURNING Product2, Content