Chatter Basic : Developing a Rollout Strategy

What are some best practices to promote a successful Chatter rollout and ongoing success?

Use cases that describe the business needs.

  • Executive sponsorship.
  • Videos and user guidelines.
  • Pre-launch communication plan.
  • All of the above.

What is NOT a step you should take to prepare for a profile-based rollout of Chatter?

  • Contact Salesforce to have the feature enabled.
  • Create a Chatter sharing rule.
  • Review all profiles and permission sets.
  • Determine which users need access.

When is the best time to turn on Chatter?

  • First thing Monday morning, to get people’s attention.
  • On the last sales day of the month, when it’s needed most.
  • After hours, to minimize disruption.
  • During the holidays, when no one is around.

It’s a good idea to meet with key business stakeholders to plan your Chatter rollout because:

  • They can help you identify high priority use cases, and their support is important.
  • They know the best way to administer Salesforce.
  • They need a list of steps to turn on Chatter permissions for their teams.
  • It’s not necessary to meet with them; adoption will occur naturally.


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