Chatter Basic : Getting Started with Chatter

Group types

  • Public groups: Public groups are visible and open to all employees. Anyone in the company can join a public group, post, comment, and add files.
  • Private groups: Private groups are open only to group members. People must request to join a private group. Only group members can post, comment, and add files. Nonmembers can see the group’s picture and description, but they can’t see the group feed or files.
  • Unlisted groups: Unlisted groups are invitation-only and don’t appear in list views and search results. An unlisted group is hidden from everyone except group members. Only the group’s owner or manager can invite people to join an unlisted group.
  • Groups with customers: Groups with customers are private or unlisted groups that allow external users to be members. The group owner or manager must invite external users to join. Need to Allow Customers option to private and unlisted groups.
  • Broadcast only: In broadcast only groups, only group owners and managers can create posts. Group members can comment on them. Apply the Broadcast Only option to private, unlisted, and public groups.


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