Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Determine the Salesforce Edition for Your App

How does Enterprise Edition differ from Professional Edition?

  • Enterprise Edition has features that aren't available in Professional Edition
  • Professional Edition is only sold to Accountants, Dentists, and Lawyers
  • Enterprise Edition supports more users than Professional Edition
  • Professional Edition has higher limits than Enterprise Edition

Which list correctly orders editions from smallest to largest?

  • Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition, Group Edition, Performance Edition
  • Professional Edition, Group Edition, Enterprise Edition, Performance Edition
  • Group Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, Performance Edition
  • Professional Edition, Group Edition, Performance Edition, Enterprise Edition

You’re building an ISVforce app that reuses Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity objects to vet vendors who resell products for your customers. You use Record Types to ensure that the fields you add don’t interfere with the customers existing use of those objects. What's the lowest edition that you can target?

  • Group Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Performance Edition
  • Professional Edition

For an ISVforce app, what determines the features you should use in your solution?

  • The type of user licenses you're embedding in your application
  • The size of the customer you're targeting and the industry they are from
  • The complexity of your application and the amount of resources it uses
  • The customer’s edition, user licenses, and feature and permission set licenses
  • You want your customers to buy user licenses directly from Salesforce

When should you decide which editions your app supports?

  • After you develop your app, but before you sell it to customers
  • Before you design your app and before you build your app
  • After you’ve designed your app, but before you begin building it
  • Before you determine your target audience and before you design your app

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