Global Picklist fail to deploy : Duplicate label: xx xx xx

I am deploying Global Picklist and got Duplicate label error.I am really confident that there is no duplicate label except deactivated picklist. The issue is known as raised here : Deploying picklist values via change set causes "Duplicate Label" error.

It seem like not my case and it said that it's already fixed.I already deactivated the duplicate picklist.Now I suspect, the deactivated picklist causing the error.So I go to Change Set Detail, click at View Source on the picklist.Surely, it will deploy the deactivated picklist.So I delete all the deactivated picklist and redeploy again.It's really annoying because uploading Change Set is not so fast procedure.

The result is SUCCESS. Okay take note if you just deactivate the picklist similar label with the active picklist because it will make your deployment life miserable until you find this blog. =)

Have a nice day.Take care.


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