Identify Tools to Build Your App

What is true about the Apex programming language?

  • It’s designed to work with custom objects you create declaratively
  • It’s the easiest way to build and customize your Salesforce application
  • Anyone can use it in GE, PE, PXE, and UE orgs
  • It’s just a replacement for Java or C#

What is a use case for the SOAP API?

  • Keeping your data integration squeaky clean
  • Embed a page from an external system into the UI
  • Connecting to an external database using OData
  • Moving data between Salesforce and an external app

How does Chatter foster collaboration?

  • By social interaction through groups, feeds, and record following
  • By enabling your customers to message you from their org
  • By creating a group video-chat environment for real-time collaboration
  • Through public chat forums only

You’re building a supply requisition ISVforce app for companies that want to manage complex projects. For each vendor being considered for a given component, a Lead record is created. Once the supplier submits a bid, the Lead is moved to an Opportunity. After talking to your customers, you know they will want the vendors to see the status of their own bids. What type of Community should be created for vendors and for what reason?

  • Customer Community, because it restricts the data that vendors can access
  • Partner Community, because vendors must view Opportunity objects
  • Customer Community, because approval processes must be able to specify vendors
  • Partner Community, because vendors must use Chatter

What is the fastest way to provide your Salesforce customers a mobile-ready version of the app you’ve built for Sales Cloud?

  • Build a mobile app on the Heroku platform using Heroku Connect
  • Optimize your pages for mobile and use the Salesforce1 mobile app
  • Create custom objects for Leads and Opportunities, then use custom code to develop the app
  • Create native device apps using the Salesforce Mobile SDK


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