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Set Proxy for Migration Tool

When you  setup ANT and you believe it being setup correctly but still it still fail when you perform task, there are possibilities that your organization is using proxy.Example error that you receive when you run ant task. Caused by: Failed to send request to https://  Here I list down of steps that I did to overcome this: Ask Network team what is the proxy host and port in your organization.Is username and password is required? Define proxy in target.In build.xml , create target name like below. <target name= "proxy" > <property name= "" value= "xx.xx.xx.xx" /> <property name= "proxy.port" value= "xxxx" /> <!--If there username and password required <property name="proxy.user" value="UserName" /> <property name="proxy.pwd" value="

Winmerge give me misguide message.

I am using Winmerge to compare code. For some reason, it give keep saying that the files are different while I really confident that I haven't touch the file.When I open the file , there no difference visibly shown which give me a little headache. Turn out that I need to modify setting in Winmerge.Go to Edit, click on Options. Now the view is better.