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Google Analytic Overview

I spent some time to understand Google Analytic(GA) as I have some project that might require it. What is Google Analytic? Google Analytics  is a freemium web  analytics service offered by  Google  that tracks and reports website traffic.  Google  launched the service in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin.  Google Analytics  is now the most widely used web  analytics service on the Internet. Read more... Simply say, it use to track our website such page view etc. which enable us to see the performace of our website. There some pro and cons of using GA that has been mentioned in several sites.I just listed down what I want to know but I provide resource below so you can grab it for more info. Pro It's free so everyone can use it.We can setup up to 100 analytic account   . It's almost complete feature even for free version .It has has almost every metric we may want to analyze such bounce rate, average time spent on page, etc. It can be used in different enviroment

Label on InputField and OutputField is not working

Actually I faced this issue quite few times and  because I didn't take note on it  I keep forgetting and asking the same question again. Today, I got chance to do some testing to understand the behavior of apex:Inputfield and apex:outputField tag. Note that apex:inputField / apex:outputField is tied to the field's object which mean we cannot use it without sObject.I like it's Calendar widget for date field but because it does not have capability to support class property, I need to tie it with Standard/Custom object's date field. Here the example of usage public class TestClass { Date myDate { get ; set ;} //this will not work with <apex:inputfield value="{!myDate}" ... Opportunity opp { get ; set ;} //this will work on <apex:inputfield value="{!opp.CloseDate}" ... } Other thing that we need to take note is the label will work in apex:pageBlock and only if the apex:pageBlock in the proper structure. Checkout this code