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Compare two Salesforce sandbox

As developer I always found it handy to do this by downloading file/type that I wanted to compare using IDE(Eclipse) and then use Winmerge tool to compare.  I wonder if there any other way to do this so I figured out that some peoples are using Ant and some are using   Salesforce org compare .It is one of feature that reside in  Salesforce Toolkit which contains other features that I will play with it later. Salesforce Toolkit You start by choosing which org you want to compare You need provide username and password for both organization. It will take a while depending how big your org is. The good thing is you can wait or you can just close the window. It will send the result to your email. It provide three color codes to indicate if there new file, different or match file. Orange mean there difference, red mean the file only exist in one sandbox. You also can download the file. It's cool and user friendly tool.Compare to IDE a

Understand Connected Apps in Salesforce

What is connected apps? A "Connected App" is an application that can connect to over Identity and Data APIs . Connected Apps use the standard  OAuth 2.0  protocol to authenticate, provide Single Sign-On, and acquire access tokens for use with  Salesforce APIs . In addition to the standard OAuth capabilities supported by the existing  Remote Apps feature (which Connected Apps is designed to replace), Connected Apps add additional levels of control, allowing administrators explicit control over who can use the application, and various security policies to be enforced by the application. Read more ... When we develop an external application that needs to authenticate with Salesforce, we need to define it as a new connected app within the Salesforce organization that informs Salesforce of this new authentication entry point. Read more ... It is an external application that connect to salesforce.In order to enable the authentication we need to definit it as C