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Process Builder Bug to Take Note

Well, it is annoying when the process builder does not work for reason that not mentioned in documentation properly. I decided to compile the list of nonsense difficulties that I found whilst using Process Builder Using 15 ID in Process Builder(Big No) I use 15 char ID in Process Builder criterita that I retrieve from Salesforce URL to fire Email Alert.The email does not get fire although Deliverabilities and other setting are correct. To confirm, I run SOQL with 15 char ID and it returns value. So it leave me clueless why my Process Builder does not work.Oh, hello it just Process Builder but even simple Process Builder does not work!! It took me some time until I randomly put 18 char ID and it wallaahhh it works.Seriously, is there any documentation say Process Builder only receive 18 char ID ? Let me know if you find it.For this time being , I will avoid using ID field in Process Builder. Action Name need to be short SHORT? You must specify a name for the actio