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Add Fault Connector in Salesforce Flow Autolaunch

Fault Connector is very useful because now we able to handle the error. We can trace who perform the transaction and what record that cause the error. The connector is indicated with FAULT like image below. In some occasion you might face into issue that Fault Connector is not working like below : Here is the hack. We need to add another element after it because for unknown reason Fault Connector will not appear in the last element . So we need to create another element temporarily like below. Tips : Use Copy and Paste button to copy from existing element so you don't have create dummy element from start. Now we can add Fault Connector to the element that we want to.As you can see in the image below, when we drag the connector 'Fault' label appear. Now we can delete the dummy element. That's it. Now it should works. More about Flow can be refer to  here  . Have a nice day.