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Checking API for Salesforce Platform API Versions 7.0 through 20.0 Retirement using Workbench

 The guideline on Salesforce Platform API Versions 7.0 through 20.0 Retirement  can be referred here . In this entry, I would like to share how I check REST/SOAP log so that I can check the API version. Note : To view log file , you need a licence to Event Monitoring. This is alternative of Salesforce Event Log File Browser as some companies may block the URL .We can use Workbench to view the log file. Run the SOQL , you can use any tool to run SOQL. Developer Console should works also. SELECT Id,LogFile, EventType, CreatedDate FROM EventLogFile WHERE EventType IN ( 'API' , 'RestApi' , 'ApiTotalUsage' ) Login to Salesforce Workbench > Go to utilities > Choose REST Explorer and paste the LogFile URL that returns from above query and click Execute. It should something like below. Note that the yellow highlight is something that we need to alert because it's going to retire. To make it easy to read, just copy from EVENT_TYPE until at the end of the