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Part 1 : Too many soql in Real Life

I have encountered a lot of question about Too Many SOQL limit in Salesforce before in different companies. Honestly I don't feel it is fun work however while working on them I gain a lot of knowledge depending on how I  plan to fix it and increase some confidence level because , hey you read trigger and code line by line, review any component such as Process Builder, Flow. Looking closely to any possible holes and  understand it and try to figure out the most effective way to deliver eat. So at last, I writing this entry as I got so many misunderstood about Too many soql limit. Some thought it is so complex and the rest of them thought it's so simple until it being treated as miscellanous. This is how we started... imagine that you travel to somewhere, maybe far away to the mountain with very great car that have spacious space (uhmm of course the car space have limit, spacious does not mean you can put everything inside. You need to put your item in your car. So you put maybe